4 Tips For Summer-Shredding

“How can I get abs in 6 weeks?” “How can I get a bikini body in a month?”

Ever asked yourself this? (or even googled it?)

With summer just around the corner, many individual begin to wonder how they can quickly lose some weight to look good whilst on holiday.

Whilst we don’t promote quick weight loss at an unhealthy rate, these 4 simple changes will be sure to help you reach your goals this summer.

1 – Stop Drinking Alcohol 

Entirely. It may sound extreme, but the amount of calories in alcohol soon adds up, making it even harder to lose weight.

The more you drink, the harder you’ll hard to work to get that summer body.

Swapping beer for vodka? The calories still stack up, especially if you drink with a mixer. Save the drink and enjoy it whilst away instead.

2 – High Intensity Interval Training

Science behind the training shows that HIIT training can be significantly more effective that steady state cardio when it comes to fat loss.

What to do here?

Instead of going for a steady jog, replace with sprints instead. Use the stationary bike works in the same way too. Try 15 seconds max speed, 30 seconds recovery, x10.

If you prefer to do high intensity workouts in a group, come along to one of our bootcamps on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday!

3 – Replace Your Usual Drinks With Water

Apart from water being essential for your body to run efficiently and function properly, water is amazing because it contains no calories.

This can’t often be said for most popular beverages – unless you opt for ‘zero calorie’ drinks – which of course still contain rubbish.

The amount of calories you can save by drinking water instead of tea, coffee, juice and fizzy beverages can make a world of a difference.

Have a read of a blog we wrote on the different ways you can consume water, here.

4 – Sleep More

Sounds about the easiest yet, doesn’t it? But focusing on getting the right amount of sleep can really help with weight loss.

Sleep deprivation or simply the lack of enough sleep can stall fat loss efforts, potentially due to the negative effects on hormonal balance and production.

‘Sleep deprivation’ doesn’t have to mean a couple hours sleep a night. Studies compared those that get 5.5 hours sleep vs 8.5 hours sleep. Those with an extra 3 hours produced better results.


Give these four tips a try, and see what difference they can make to you over the next few weeks!

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