3 Summer Food Swaps For Weight Loss

The end of summer is approaching, even though it feels like it hasn’t started yet..

We’ve put together some food swap ideas that can help you lose weight this year.

1 – Swap Out Sugary and Fatty Snacks For… Popcorn

Yes you heard – popcorn! Providing you don’t opt for the caramel or other sugar-laden flavoured popcorns, it can be a good snack.

Due to popcorn being a wholegrain, it can provide a good source of fibre and offer a good percentage of your daily wholegrains. It contains more protein than your favourite crisps, and in some cases more iron than spinach.

Swapping out your regular chocolatey and sugar treats for popcorn can reduce your calorie intake, in turn promoting weight loss.

For an example of the right popcorn to buy, head over to the Holland and Barrett website through this link.

A word of caution: don’t go out and buy any old popcorn! Check the calories per 100g and ensure that protein is around 8-10g per 100g and fat isn’t above 10g / 100g. Sugar shouldn’t really be over 10g either.

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2 – Swap Out Fruit Juice For… Fruit Water

Although we all need some sugar in our diet, drinking fruit juice can contain unnecessary sugars that lead to weight gain, alongside other side effects including tooth decay!

What to do instead? Make a huge pitcher of fruit-infused water though the use of fruit slices including lemon, orange and strawberry to name a few.

The benefits? It increases your water in-take for the day and promotes weight loss due it containing zero or minimal calories. Remember; keeping hydrated is key!

Can’t handle a full pitcher of water? Try adding a touch of dilute to increase the flavour – it still beats sugary juice drinks!

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3 – Swap Out Burger Buns For… Whole Grain Bread

We all love a good barbecue in the summer, but your typical white processed burger bun can contain over 220 calories.. that’s before whatever is going inside!

Switching to whole grain bread or buns can often help to cut calories whilst also adding more fibre to your diet.

Want to go a step further? Swap out for buns for large lettuce leaves or portabello mushrooms (yes, we’re serious!)

Whilst on the topic of barbecues, always opt for homemade burgers made with lean 5% mince. Even better, swap fatty sausages out with lean turkey and chicken breast for less calories and more protein.

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