3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Weigh Yourself EVERYDAY

Whether it’s to fit in old clothes, be more confident or just feel healthier overall, many of us want to lose weight. But many of us also obsess over the scales, stepping on 3 and 4 times a week.. or sometimes everyday!

Scales help measure progress

When your goal is to lose weight, weighing yourself regularly can help monitor progress. Once you see the numbers drop, you may get a surge of motivation and a boost in both confidence and self esteem…

Reason 1 – …. However, You Can Lose Motivation

Stepping on the scale again the next day to see you’ve not lost anymore weight – or even regained the weight – can lead to your confidence and self-esteem plummeting, along with any belief that you can actually lose weight.

Next up you’re ordering a takeaway as you think “I just can’t do it”. Your disappointment may even lead you to give in completely. Don’t step on everyday.

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Reason 2 – Your Daily Weight Can Vary

One important fact is this: weight fluctuates. It’s completely normal.

What causes this? Everything from the previous day’s food and sodium intake to your stress levels, hormonal changes and sleeping habits.

An example = if one day you increase your sodium / salt in-take, your body may then hold on to more water to help maintain the right balance of ‘sodium to water’ in your body. This means you ‘weigh more’ on the scales.

Reason 3 – Inches Matter & Muscle Weight

Over the past 18 months we’ve found many individuals have trained hard and ate well, yet found themselves staying at the same weight or only losing a few pounds.

BUT – their body shape has changed. This is due to them losing ‘FAT WEIGHT’ and gaining ‘MUSCLE WEIGHT’. One pound of muscle is smaller and provides more definition compared to one pound of fat.

Have someone take measurements of your body including your arms, thighs, waist, chest and hips to name a few. Track your progress with inches lost. You may find yourself looking better but weighing the same, if not heavier.

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So When Should I Weight Myself?

Every individual and situation is different. Inches or scale weight can both be good ways of measuring progress. However, if you do want to track progress through stepping on the scales, do it like this:

  • Weigh yourself weekly
  • Always ensure it’s on the same day
  • Weight yourself in the morning
  • Where possible, ensure it is at the same time.
  • Example: every monday morning as soon as you get out of bed

Weighing yourself this way ensures you don’t have ‘added food and water weight’ from a day of eating. It always keeps things consistent.
Tracking your food / calories through MyFitnessPal can allow you to see how your eating patterns before the day you weigh in can potentially effect your weight.

Before And After Photos

Photos don’t lie. Take photos when you start a new fitness regime or alter your diet. Already started? Been going years? Take a photo today.

Take one in a month. Seen a change? Good, use it as motivation to push on.

Not seen a change? Then something needs to change!

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