3 Reasons WHY You SHOULD ‘Meal-Prep’

‘Meal-prep’ is nothing more than cooking food to eat at some point in the future.

Whether you keep it in fancy tupperware or you use left over Chinese takeaway cartons, prepping food for the day(s) ahead can really beneficial!

1 – It saves TIME

It may feel like cooking food for the next 3 days takes a lifetime, but once you’re done.. you’re done! All you need to do for the next few days is warm your food up and eat it (or eat it cold).

You may do the occasional bit of prep or cooking, for example at breakfast or when snacking, but the bulk of the work is done.

2 – It leads you to better choices

Having food readily available in your fridge (at home and at work) means you’re less likely to make bad choices e.g. that steak bake or pasty from Greggs on your lunch break. Be sure to include your veggies in what you prep!

Not only this, but you know EXACTLY what has gone in your food. No extras. Unless you sneak cheese in yourself..

3 – It saves MONEY

You may feel that meal-prep is getting expensive. Fresh veg, meat, spices. But in the long run you will save money as you begin to spend less on ‘impulse buying’ or spending £3.50 on a meal deal when your prepped meal only cost £2.

Not only this, but batch cooking meals can also help you save on FUEL COSTS! Just think, you don’t need to use the oven or hob for the next three days if you’ve prepped meals.

“I’ve got a family of 5, how do you expect me to meal prep??”

We’ll be honest, prepping for yourself (and potentially your partner) is a lot easier than you and the ENTIRE family. But don’t over complicate things, lets see:

You’re making food tonight for the 5 of you? Make an extra 2 portions that you can take to work tomorrow!

You don’t have enough of x in the house right now? Cook as much as everything else (veg etc.) as you can right now and do the rest another day. You’re still saving time and at least you’re half prepped!

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