3 Easy Steps To Losing Weight

Unfortunately for us all, the fitness industry has over complicated weight loss.

Whether we’re sold shakes and bars, told to sin foods or been advised to eat less carbs.

It’s very confusing. Very.

But weight loss isn’t actually that hard. Below explains.

The simple weight loss equation:

Calories in < calories out = weight loss

CALORIES IN are LESS THAN calories out.

What does this mean?

If we eat less food than our body needs, we will lose fat.

But how do we put this in to practice? Easier said than done right? Not quite.. 

1 – Find out how many calories you should eat

Using the following calculator, you can input your activity levels, age, height and weight to get a rough idea of how many calories you should be eating per day.

CLICK HERE for the calorie calculator (its free and takes about 30 seconds)

2 – Track your calories

MyFitnessPal is a free app available to everyone.

It allows you to track what you eat.We need to track our food so we can understand how many calories we are eating.

Plus, once you’ve tracked for a couple of weeks, the time it takes to track your food reduces dramatically.

Track calories for a solid 1-2 weeks.. INCLUDING WEEKENDS! And be very honest.

3 – Adjust your calories

Not seeing any progress? Then we are more than likely eating too much.

Try reducing your calories slightly. Then continue to track.

Remember that the calculator you used doesn’t know everything about you. It may be out slightly so we need to use a trial and error approach.


The final part is to remain consistent. Track your food each day of the week.

Each week assess where you could make improvements.

If you continue to not see any progress, ask yourself:

  • Am I tracking honestly?
  • Am I tracking the correct weights or simply guessing?
  • Have I tracked all my weekends?
  • Have I tracked liquids?

If you still don’t see progress, then you may need a hand. Send us a message here and we’ll be happy to spend some time helping you out!


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